318 North La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90036
Phone: 323-938-0609

To all of our loyal customers and friends: After more than 35 years we have closed our La Brea Ave. location and are no longer renting. We are now moving to the Web and can soon be found at rpvintage.com where we will be selling the fine vintage clothing and accessories that so many of our clients have enjoyed since 1977. Please sign up at rpvintage.com to receive our opening announcement.

Repeat Performance was established in 1977 by Jean and Bill Gold. It soon became a well-known Melrose Avenue retail boutique specializing in fine quality vintage clothing. Their celebrated clientele list ranged from Catherine Deneuve to Bruce Springsteen. From the outset, however, one of their primary goals was to serve costume designers in the motion picture industry. It became their focus to provide designers with interesting period garments and accessories for men, women and children.

In 1990 they moved their location to La Brea Avenue. Then, on the advice of several prominent costume designers, Jean and Bill started building a collection of vintage clothing to rent exclusively to the motion picture and television industry. As designers became increasingly concerned about the condition of authentic period clothing available for rental in Hollywood, it became their goal to gather and maintain a collection in the best possible condition.

Today, the collection consists of thousands of pieces of authentic period clothing and accessories for men, women and children from the mid 1800's to the late 1960's. The atmosphere is clean and organized and a pleasure to work in. The stock is impeccable...you will not be disappionted.

Please call us with your needs. Significant discounts can be had for "atmosphere" in volume.